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What can we do for your business in China?

Over 68 staffs are ex-civil servants. Ho Media Chinese PR & GR team specializes in brand management, news release, government relation, exhibition, charity, media interview and event management in China market.


We keep good relationships with governments at all levels, it enables us submit your files via green channels, get various approvals and marketing access documents fast.

Celebrities Endorsement

Install confidence in your brand is the fastest way to promote it. Ho Media help you cooperate with a reputable Chinese celebrity at the forefront after AI matchmaking analysis.

Crisis Management

On Chinese Internet, we have multiple methods to control or delete negative news & comments and lead the trends. Bad comments not just ruin your reputation, it put profound negative impact on your brand.

Media Relationships

In China good relationship with media is top thing before marketing. We take care all of it, We are friends with top 2000 medias and send gifts on every lunar festivals on behalf of your brand.

Why we should take PR serious in China market?

More traffic & orders


Gain brand confidence


Add value to brand


More business opportunities


Better Baidu ranking


Solve public crisis

No one knows Chinese market better than us. Contact us,grow your brand fast.

Why Choose Us?


China market is completely different to others. With the help of Bauhinia AI and our successful cases, we help our clients re-position brand after investigation. Every move will be based on historical data study and target oriented.


More than 500 experienced Chinese journalists and news editors cooperate with us, Some of them come from CCTV, Tencent and Netease. We know what Chinese people like and how to make it virus. Each year around 15 news can be listed as “Hot” and 32 news ”Trending” on Baidu, Weibo and other channels.


We keep strong connection with many officers and civil servants in different level Chinese governments. We can access to newspapers of 771 counties, 58.8% of China, and 1901 university/college journals established close relation with us.


Over 200 medias established in-depth cooperations. High quality news related to tech or industrial frontier can be reviewed and get approval in less than 4 hours while the generals are released within 24 hours.

Government relationship is everything in China.

Building trust with authorities, your business can avoid many administrative resistances, and grow faster.

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