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18 years experience on China marketing training


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Started on 2002, we are the first one focus on marketing training, especially on Internet marketing.


real projects study

All lessons are designed by instructors from top tier companies together with consultants from AMA China.


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Traffic, sales, index, docs & files, staff technique improved, all kpi guaranteed by contracts. It worths of your try.

Why Marketing Employee Needs Training?

Your marketing team needs training if

• Little positive outcome with big marketing budget.

• Do not know how to begin effective marketing.

• Lacking SOP, guideline for marketing.

• Do not know what to do with less budget

• Cost of per user is more and more expensive and cannot find a way out.

• Wish to have a promising marketing plan

• Short of resources to cooperate with

•Want to learn how to make one item go virus.

Every section with proven successful details

Our Customizable Training Lessons



You will learn how to find users, how to create multi-dimensional user persona, and how make a right plan with your users with limited resources.


Content Marketing

How to find popular content and creative idea? How to promote your content with no budget? At this section we will show you how to do content marketing in China market.



General rules and technics of various Chinese ads platforms, systematically learning Baidu, Tencent, Weibo and 360 ads with real cases study.



How to find potential Chinese KOL partners? How to co-marketing with other brands? In BD lessons we elaborately show you how to negotiate with potential partners.



You can learn latest search algorithm such as Baidu, 360 and other search engines in China. And how to do on-page SEO and strong backlinks on Chinese Internet.


Social Media

Why your post didn't get like by Chinese? Same trick attracted comment on Instagram why didn't work in China? Here we will show you how to run a great account effectively.



How to find video trend? How to shoot virus video with low cost? What kind of videos get high CRV? Why we should join livestream video economy? You will get answers in this section.



What kind of data/reports need our attention? Are there any automatic tools for social media? How to analyze Chinese user behavior? By Data, we show you a real Chinese market.


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